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About Us

It started as a hobby for the love of reading and writing. Geopolitics and the economics of the oil and gas industry got me so fascinated that I just couldn’t stop reading about it. Instead of just read and understand it, I decided to pen it down and publish articles and analyses. Furthermore, the wave of big data analytics and its applications encouraged me to look at the energy world from a different perspective. Today, renewable energy sources are slowly taking over conventional energy sources and I have to intention to stop myself from contributing to this development in my way.

I believe that writing and making videos are, nowadays, the best platforms to express yourself. I just loved the process of making and editing the videos. No matter what kind of videos they are I said ‘Yes’ to all of them.

Welcome to my world and I hope that you enjoy every bit of it.

If you like my work, I would love to listen about it from you..!!!!

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7 ways to accomplish a delightful sustainable lifestyle

If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled, or composted, then it should be restricted, designed, or removed from production Pete Seeger Prelude What is sustainable living? Why is there a need for sustainable living? How you can make certain changes in your current lifestyle to …
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Wind Power in India- A Note

Prelude While I was reading about the selective surface used for absorbing sunlight to its entirety and emits very little of the proportion, I came across a fact about wind energy in India. Did you know that India stands 4th in terms of total installed wind power capacity? Spread the …
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Why do I Think Depression is the Lifestyle for Vulnerable?

Prelude Hello everyone, how are you? I know what you are thinking after reading this article. Let me clear the clouds for you. This is neither a political article nor it is written keeping any one particular group in mind. Spread the love
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Analytically intensive articles

How much tax do you pay on petrol/diesel in India?

Prelude Do you know how much you have to pay for 1 liter of petrol nowadays in India? And how much portion goes into the tax to the government? How much tax do you pay on petrol/diesel in India? Percentage-wise speaking, you end paying anywhere near 70% of what you …
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Embracing Change: How the oil and gas industry must change to become future-fit?

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly. Henri Bergson Embracing Change The above quote by Henri Bergson is more than apt for the current scenario of the Oil and Gas Industry. Long gone are the days of easy …
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How Coronavirus Is Impacting the World Economy?

Prelude As of writing this article, coronavirus has affected more than 400,000 humans around the world, with death count reaching 19,000 mark. On the other hand, more than 100,000 people have been recovered as well. The credit for this recovery goes to tirelessly working doctors, nurses, healthcare and sanitary workers …
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Why you should buy a sachet and not a bottle?

Do you know why you should buy a sachet and not a bottle? they could save up to 30% of your money? Sachets vs Bottle. This article is the answer to this great debate. In the big brand world of FMCG marketing, small is sexy. Small is attractive. And, above all, small is way more economical.
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How AI is used for Surgeries?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a widespread branch of computer science which deals with building smart and reliable machines capable of performing tasks that characteristically require human intervention. Recent developments in machine learning and deep learning are creating a paradigm shift in literally every sector. The promise of AI to improve …
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Article: More Barrels Per Data

Prelude People, Ideas, Innovation, Assets, Statistics and Exploration are...
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