Why you should buy a sachet and not a bottle?

Sachet vs Bottle

This article is about turning orthodox wisdom on its head a hundred and eighty degrees. Imagine you are in a grocery store to buy your daily needs. Let’s say you are running out of your shampoo and coffee supplies. You already have in mind which brand of shampoo and coffee you are going to buy most of the time, right? So let’s assume that it is not a concern over here and move on. Now, the next question is should you buy sachets or a bottle? You must be like what am I reading? Duh. But trust me, your subconscious has already taken this decision and for the sake of convenience you end up buying a bottle. So basically, why you should buy a sachet and not a bottle?

Stop. Stop right there. You have made a mistake. Yes. The mistake is you did not pay attention to the cost. What if I tell you that, sachets could have cost you around 30% less than the bottle? In the big brand world of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) marketing, small is sexy. Small is attractive. And, above all, small is way more economical.

But before moving ahead, let’s have a look at a little bit of history. Why sachets were invented in the first place? Well, initially sachets have been launched to target the single time user market, i.e. in hotels or for people who are constantly traveling. But later, the FMCG companies gathered some demographic data and recognized that most of the people in many regions were not able to afford to buy bottle packaging. This was a good opportunity to grasp this layer of demographic, so they started selling hair oil, soaps, pickles, coffee, and shampoos, etc. in a small, easy to carry sachets. A detailed analysis is done at the end of this article. Let’s take a small example here. A small sachet of Bru (A famous coffee brand in India) containing 0.7 gm of coffee powder would cost you ₹ 1. On the other hand, a 50 gm glass bottle of Bru Classic would cost you around ₹ 103. So, 50 gm worth of sachets would cost you approximately ₹ 71. The difference is ₹ 32, which is 31.06%.

Why should you buy a sachet?

I know people have different opinions over this debate of sachets vs bottles. In my opinion, sachets would be more beneficial and economical from various prospects. I would like to enlist my views on why you should buy a sachet and not a bottle?:

  1. Whenever you are trying a new product, sachets may prove to be useful and worthy. You may like the product or you may not, but in this case, you don’t need to invest in 200 or 500 ml bottle and regret it later.
  2. You can save up to 30% of your money.
  3. Sachets are made up of cheap thin PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) plastic whereas bottles are made up of thick PET plastic and its cap is made of thicker (Polypropylene) plastic.
  4. Packaging for bottles costs more than that of sachets.
  5. You can afford to have different varieties of products.
  6. Generally, sachets have a mild version of the product than a bottle. So if you find out that a particular is not suitable for your skin or hair type, you can replace it easily.

A Simple Analysis

An analysis of some well-known coffee, shampoo, and hair oil brands

Let’s have a look at the simple analysis done for some of the well-known brands of Coffee, Shampoo and Hair oil. Column E denotes the weight of the product a customer gets per ₹1. Furthermore, column G enlists the percentage difference between a sachet and typical plastic or glass bottle packaging.

According to the above chart, we can conveniently say that a bottle of Bru coffee is 30.65% more expensive on a per gm basis than its sachet. I have even enlisted a few notable examples as below:-

  • HLL is charging 87% premium on 500 gm of Surf Excel family pack, compared to the same amount in sachets.
  • P&G is selling 500 gm of Tide at 80% premium to sachets on a comparable basis.

According to me, we should focus more on cost while buying any consumer goods. In this article, I have focused on a very small part of the bigger FMCG market. These big companies may not change the pricing of their best-selling product, but they can alter the quantity of the product that they are providing for that price.

Be a keen observer, and stay updated on such small things.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful article. But there are other advantages as well. Many a time bottles come without seal, There could be a possibility of tampering. Also, less end up in landfills.

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