How reading changed my life

How reading has enriched my life

Nowadays, I get a different feeling when I start to write something. I mean we are all in the situation that we never imagined. But I am sure everyone will get something positive from these difficult times.

In my opinion, penning down our thoughts is the best gift mankind has received. Imagine what would have happened if our ancestors or ancient writers would not have expressed themselves in whichever form available at that time. We would have never known about our pasts, development, and culture, etc. Without written literature, we would have been just another creature on the planet earth.  

Good books can literally flip your life upside down. For me they did. Everyone goes through some difficult times in life. At the junction, we always have two choices: 1. We value ourselves enough to gather courage and rise again. 2. Succumb to some addiction and blame on time, the other person, or just destiny.

For all of us who have experienced this transformation, or for anybody who hopes to recover and live a good life, this is for you. Here are 5 ways that reading a book changed my life…. Forever…

Ability to cope-up

We all must agree that every day is not fair to us, and that’s the beauty of life. Like most of you, I was also going through a bad phase. The same thoughts were running through my mind- why me? What wrong I did to someone that I deserve such treatment? so on and so forth. Guess what, I was not the only one. I realized and learned so many things about the functioning of my mind after reading this beautiful book ‘The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind’ by Dr. Joseph Murphy.

The greatest books will always give you a sense of belonging. Your life is part of a larger ecosystem. Reading recalls you that you are not alone. So let’s buck up and rule the world once again.


I strongly believe that knowledge is the new currency. You are valued in direct proportion to the size of the problem you are capable to resolve. The most enduring books I collect are those that act as a mirror. This mirror is kept in front of me when I am reading through a book, one page at a time. You will not believe but I unknowingly start nodding and thinking, yes, that is how it is. They make me look deeper into myself.

A likely stranger (the author) has helped me connect with the person I ought to know the best, myself. I would want to remind you all that sometimes a stranger appears within, too. The best example of such a guru is ‘The Magic Of Thinking Big’ by David Schwartz. 


Reading a strong book challenges you to the core. You may even start questioning the reality around you. A strongly constructed book will push back on everything you hold true. They tell you the basic human nature is inherently curious, or that the entrepreneurship is not as easy as you perceive. Basically, they will essentially shake your thought-process. 

A strong book will get that hidden treasure out of your mind, and you will soon start to realize that everything you ever wanted is already there inside. The comprehension of your inner strength is a real blessing. I would strongly recommend you to read ‘Connect the Dots’ by Rashmi Bansal.   


Reading made me realize that everyone else is smarter than me. You may be asking how?. Well, in some or the other way, everyone else has an edge on you. Every one of us knows at least one thing better than everyone else. Our life experiences, by themselves, give us a leg up on the competition; nobody has lived our life.

The adjoining figure is the best depiction of what I am trying to say. Once I embraced this fact that I do not have all the answers in the world, it opened up a completely new horizon in front of me. The massive ocean of wisdom is just waiting for you to explore. My job is to just grasp as much as I can in the limited time I have. 


Have you experienced calmness in your heart?. It’s as therapeutic as anything else. Once I start reading a book that has caught my attention, time really ceases to exist. My mind is completely immersed in what is in front of me. 

The worries, anguish, fears, and ambitions of a moment ago are boxed away in a container that read “for later.”. Your only worry is flipping to the next page to find out what’s next. Let me tell you when I was reading Shiva Trilogy (its a set of 3 books viz. the Immortals of Meluha, The Secret of the Nagas and the Oath of the Vayuputras), I literally had lost the sense of time. The writing is so descriptive and detailed that you imagine yourself to be standing there and everything is happening around you. 

In conclusion, I would like to mention that reading has really enriched my life in many ways. I am sure that you will also have similar experiences. I would love to hear them. Make sure you drop them in the comments section down below. 

With Love,
Kedar Karande

Title photo credits – Photo by Vincenzo Malagoli from Pexels

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