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Category: Renewables


Wind Power in India- A Note


While I was reading about the selective surface used for absorbing sunlight to its entirety and emits very little of the proportion, I came across a fact about wind energy in India. Did you know that India stands 4th in terms of total installed wind power capacity?

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Analysis: India’s Solar Energy Progress

Prelude Solar energy is a clean, virtually inexhaustible source of energy. Over the past decade, increasing awareness of climate change, its consequences, and energy security considerations have forced the global community to focus on renewable energy sources, such as solar energy, resulting in unprecedented growth in solar energy applications. The …

Article: India’s Run Towards Renewables: Key Takeaways

Prelude A clean and sustainable energy future is on top of every developing as well as developed country’s priority list, which can be seen by the large-scale expansion of unconventional power projects worldwide. For India, it is the most important thing, as it ranks third in oil consumption with 212.7 …