Footsteps guide: The Beautiful Heidelberg

… du stadt an ehren reich… (‘… you venerable city …’)- Joseph Victor von Scheffel’s poem is one of the numerous odes to Heidelberg. Many romanticist poets were captured by the city and fell in love with it. I was one of them (Though nowhere nearer to a poet). The city was just magical. I visited Heidelberg in last September while I was on a business trip and then followed by Prague (New article alert..!!!). This is a footsteps guide to the beautiful city of Heidelberg, Germany.

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What is Neuroeconomics?

So what is neuroeconomcs? Insight into the mechanism driving individuals to make a certain decision can help to better predict the future of economics. The need to fill certain gaps in conventional economic theories is fundamental to the study of neuroeconomics. Economic decision-making, in the traditional sense, suggests that investors or customer will objectively evaluate the risk or need and react in the most rational manner. In some cases, human behavior does not follow economic theory or optimize utility.